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Videos we love: Software Architecture vs Code

sEygc7DXIn cooperation with Videos We Love, a platform for sharing excellent technical videos, we will share their best rated monthly video. This week, we will share the video of November 2015, which was chosen by a small jury as the highest rated video. 


This month the best rated video is ‘Software Architecture vs Code’ by Simon Brown. About this talk: “Software architecture and coding are often seen as mutually exclusive disciplines, despite us referring to higher level abstractions when we talk about our software. You’ve probably heard others on your team talking about components, services and layers rather than objects when they’re having discussions. Take a look at the codebase though. Can you clearly see these abstractions or does the code reflect some other structure? If so, why is there no clear mapping between the architecture and the code? Why do those architecture diagrams that you have on the wall say one thing whereas your code says another? In fact, why is it so hard to automatically generate a decent architecture diagram from an existing codebase? Join us to explore this topic further.”


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