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Baking codepancakes with Ruby!

Introduction In this lesson, we’ll start creating a very simple program in Ruby. This program, how appropriate, will help us making pancakes! We will use to write our code, so you don’t have to install everything. The first version of the program will be very simple, and later we will add more

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PyLadies Amsterdam diving into Django

On Feb 11th a brand new PyLadies Amsterdam meetup took place at Marktplaats HQ. This time we decided to do things different, we organized our first workshop. This workshop in django is “sliced up” into 3 parts, this time we organized the django workshop part 1. Besma and Claudia prepared

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Building your website with Code Avengers

Did you always want to know more about HTML or CSS and are you wondering how to create some nice websites yourself? Look no further! Today I’ll review a tutorial which will turn you into a real webdeveloper. At Code Avengers you can follow three different courses: build a website with HTML/CSS, build an

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