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Bomberbot, the Review

Some time ago, we reviewed Lightbot, a platform to learn how understand the basics of programming. Today, we are reviewing another of those platforms, named Bomberbot. Bomberbot, like Lightbot, is another game in which you have to program your robot to walk through a maze, in which you get challenges

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Keep Calm and Read these 5 Ruby Books

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on 5 Rails books. Well, if you’d like to learn more Rails, it’s also quite important to have some knowledge of programming in Ruby. Therefore I’ll share another list with 5 ‘must read ‘Ruby Books. Enjoy! * Beginning Ruby: From

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Learn to Program, Play a Game!

So you want to learn how to program, but you don’t know where to start? Or you already know how to program, and want to improve your skills a bit? Look no further, because offers all you want, and more! offers a platform on which you can improve

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5 Great Ruby on Rails Books

Currently, I’m reading a lot of Ruby on Rails books, blogs and articles. I’ve already created some applications and I really like Rails. Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is an open source web application framework written in Ruby. I think the best way to learn Rails, besides attending a workshop,

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6 Free Online Coding Resources To Get You Started

So, you are inspired and motivated to start coding. Where do you begin? I know that the internet offers a lot of online coding resources and tools to get you started and it can be overwhelming. To help you on your way, I’ll introduce 6 Free resources that can (and will!) help

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10 Books Every Programmer Should Read

There are many books available for programmers, ranging from topics such as programming languages, algorithms, design patterns, and many more. In this forest of books, it’s easy to get lost, so we created a small list of books which should be read by every programmer. Reading these books will help a

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My Python Journey (Talk @ PyLadies Amsterdam)

These are the slides of my talk at PyLadies Amsterdam (Feb 12 2014) In this talk I’m sharing my experiences with learning how to code in Python and I’m giving you tips & tricks on how to start.

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