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Spotlight 83: meet Senior Lead Designer Jess!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and I hope that you’re reading for another wonderful story :-) It’s time to switch from backend development to UX/UI Design and Front End! Please meet Senior Lead Designer Jess as she shares her experience, her advice on learning to

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Spotlight 82: meet software developer Jessica!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s almost March and that means, Spotlight will be 2 years old! Thank you so much for all the love, for reading, for your support and for all the interviewees who took the time to answer my questions :-) Here’s to the next two years! This week

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Spotlight 74: the story of Lauren, Senior Full Stack Engineer @ Netflix

It’s Friday and time for the perfect start of your weekend: a brand new Spotlight interview (number 74!). This week we’re going to meet Lauren Tan. Lauren is Senior Full Stack Engineer at Netflix. She is also an active contributor to the Ember.js community, editor of and a regular speaker at

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Slides Talk Brussels Nederlands Vrouwennetwerk

A couple weeks ago, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Brussels Nederlands Vrouwennetwerk in Brussels (Dutch women network). It was really nice to meet so many inspiring women! :) During my stay, I gained a lot of insights on the EU, the European Council, the European Commission

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Spotlight 73: Rachel, Engineer @ CodePen

Time for another spotlight, number 73! This time, I’m introducing you to Rachel Smith, web developer at CodePen (which is awesome!). And I’m so excited to share her story, cause I’m an absolute fan of the projects she’s been working on, and I’m sure she’ll have even more fans after this :-)

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Spotlight 72: Let’s meet JavaScript developer Astrid!

Hi everyone! This Friday we’re going to the Netherlands. I never meet a lot of Dutch female developers, so I’m excited to introduce you to Astrid Karsten. Astrid is a Managing Frontend Consultant, she is a real JavaScript expert and loves to play the guitar :-) Curious about the projects

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Best Programming Books of August

The end of August is near and it’s time for the Best Programming Books of August! I hope you’ve had a great summer :-)  With the “Best Programming Books of” series, I try to inform you about the most popular programming and IT books of the current month. Also, I

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Time for Spotlight number 70: Meet Software Engineer Sarah!

After a small break, it’s time for spotlight number 70! This week we’re going all the way (to me that is ;)) to Brisbane, Australia! I’m going to introduce you to Sarah. Sarah is a software engineers and founder of Smithsoft, “small indie studio making beautiful games for all the

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Spotlight 69: introducing you to inspiring web developer Tiffany Yu!

In Spotlight number 69, we’re going to meet Tiffany Yu! Tiffany is a fullstack web developer. She participated in the full time Web Intensive Program at the New York Code + Design Acadamy in Amsterdam (yes, really, in Amsterdam!) and I was very happy to meet her at GitHub Satellite

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Best Programming Books of July 2016

August is almost here! I’ll be traveling again, celebrating my birthday, organizing some great events, working with the most amazing people…. So, enough about the personal stuff, let’s have a look at the programming books of the month July. With the “Best Programming Books of” series, I try to inform you

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