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Learn to Code online: the Ultimate List

I realised that my first post on learning to code is almost 2 years old! Instead of updating the previous one, I decided to make a new list with even more resources. And, this one is up-to-date! So if you want to learn how to code, look no further! What

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Introduction to Git

At one point, if you’re getting more experienced with programming, you’ll be introduced to version control. And I think the most used form is Git. Git is a version control system that runs in command line interface.  You can work on the same (code)projects together at the same time, without

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Spotlight 48: Let’s meet Laurence

It’s Friday again! And I’m looking forward to introduce you to the next inspiring woman in tech! The best part: it turned out we have a lot in common.. we both have a major in history,  we’re both self-taught coders, we both started learning to code in Python, we both

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The Best Programming Books for Every Programmer

As a follow up to the previous highly popular post about best programming books, this post adds to that list. The list below contains a list of best programming books for every programmer. That means there are no language specific books in the list, but books which describe patterns, practices

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Learn to Code: the Open Source way

  There are many ways to get started with programming. Some people choose an education at a University, some people take (online) programming courses, and others read many, many books. However, there are other ways. Let’s call this way the Open Source Way. What I call The Open Source Way of

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5 books for learning Java

Time for another list of 5: 5 books for learning Java. I’ve written about a lot of programming languages, but it’s time to dive a little deeper. Here are 5 books that are a great help when you’d like to learn Java. Some of them might be a bit old,

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Pencil Code: A Programming Primer

Last month, I was in Boston to attend the Google RISE Summit 2015.  As some of you may know, I work for VHTO, the Dutch national expert organization on girls and women in science and technology. We attended the summit, because VHTO received a Google RISE Award for their DigiVita

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Interview NRC Next (Dutch)

This is a Dutch article in the national newspaper NRC NEXT on how and why I started programming. You can find an overview of the article here.