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Spotlight 72: Let’s meet JavaScript developer Astrid!

Hi everyone! This Friday we’re going to the Netherlands. I never meet a lot of Dutch female developers, so I’m excited to introduce you to Astrid Karsten. Astrid is a Managing Frontend Consultant, she is a real JavaScript expert and loves to play the guitar :-) Curious about the projects

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Getting started: the best way to learn JavaScript

A couple months ago I received the following question from this website: What is in your opinion the best way to learn JavaScript? I think it might be a good idea to share my answer with you. I think it depends if you’re new to coding or if you’re an

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Spotlight 39: Tracy Hinds

Time for Spotlight number 39! Let’s meet Tracy Hinds. Tracy is a JavaScript-focused web engineer by day and an organizer of communities by most other hours—she loves people as much as code. ​When not baking, rock climbing, or wandering the city, ​you can find her​ at one of the thousand amazing programmer meetups being

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5 Great JavaScript books for beginners

Yet another blog post about books! This time I’ll share five of the best JavaScript books for beginners. JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. If you’ve never programmed JavaScript before, and don’t know where to start, any of these 5 books is

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Videos We Love: 1024+ Seconds of JS Wizardry

  In cooperation with Videos We Love, a platform for sharing excellent technical videos, we will share their best rated  monthly video. This week, we  will  share the video of July 2015, which was chosen by a small jury as the highest rated  video. I think that the video of this

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5 resources to learn JavaScript

After the succesful blog post about 5 Python books for beginners, I would like to share another ‘list of 5’.  I’m currently taking the ‘Rails Web development Track’ at Team Treehouse and I’m learning a lot of JavaScript.  It got me wondering where I could find more resources to learn JS Fundamentals.

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