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5 resources to build your own Android app

It’s about time for another ‘list of 5’. The last couple of weeks, I’m receiving a lot of requests if I want to write more about Mobile App Development. Although this is a great idea, I’m not very familiar with building mobile apps, I only participated in one course :)

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5 books for learning Java

Time for another list of 5: 5 books for learning Java. I’ve written about a lot of programming languages, but it’s time to dive a little deeper. Here are 5 books that are a great help when you’d like to learn Java. Some of them might be a bit old,

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Spotlight 18: Anna Baas

It’s time for Spotlight number 18! I’m so happy that you want to share your amazing stories with me, thank you! We’ll keep them coming in the next couple of weeks :) But first: let’s meet the wonderful Anna from Utrecht! About Anna: Anna was born in time to have the

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