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Spotlight 21: Mazz Mosley

Time for another great Spotlight! This time I’m introducing you to Mazz Mosley.  I really like her courage and I think she’s pretty awesome. Thank you Mazz! About Mazz: My name is Mazz Mosley. I’ve been working in tech doing backend development and tech leading for over a decade now.

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Spotlight 20: Claudia Reynders

Time to go to Belgium! This week we’ll meet Claudia Reynders.  Enjoy her wonderful story! About Claudia: Hi, I’m Claudia, a Belgian Product Manager at madewithlove. In my free time I blog about some of the things that interest me a lot, such as board games (geek warning!), games, tv shows,

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4 Months of Spotlight! an overview

Hi all! I think it’s nice to write a small recap of all the amazing stories of the last 4 months! Spotlight! is getting more and more popular and I’m really happy that we’re able to show the world that (wo)men in tech are just awesome. Thank you for reading

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Spotlight 19: Ludwine Probst

Time to share another amazing story with you!  This week, we’re travelling to France and meet Ludwine. About Ludwine Ludwine was born in Belfort, East of France and she lived mostly in a small town. Her favorite subject Mathematics gave her the opportunity to discover computer science and to finally

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Spotlight 18: Anna Baas

It’s time for Spotlight number 18! I’m so happy that you want to share your amazing stories with me, thank you! We’ll keep them coming in the next couple of weeks :) But first: let’s meet the wonderful Anna from Utrecht! About Anna: Anna was born in time to have the

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Spotlight 17: Maryse Meinen

This week we’re going back to my roots: the Netherlands. I’m really happy to introduce you to Maryse Meinen.  Maryse is a lean / agile solution architect who has been working in IT since 2008. She graduated as a linguist (neurolinguistics) and started off as a project manager. She got into IT

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In the Spotlight 15: Katherine Daniels

My name is Katherine Daniels and I’m a web operations engineer living in Brooklyn, New York. When I’m not arguing with computers I enjoy homebrewing, rock climbing, playing various musical instruments variably well, and snuggling cats. Name: Katherine Daniels Job: Web operations engineer at Etsy Favorite website, app or gadget:

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In the Spotlight 14: Mairead Buchan

Time for Spotlight number 14 and this week I’m introducing you to Mairead Buchan! She’ s a creative web developer, based in London, specialising in exciting interactive experiences. Interested in any technology that pushes the boundaries of web development and always looking for new ideas to harness what the internet can do

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In the Spotlight 13: Jessica Rose

Due to my holiday in New York. I know, I’m sorry about that. I’m introducing you an extra Spotlight this week! And..we’re going to the UK! Jessica Rose is an American-born self-taught technologist living and working in the UK. She’s obsessed with making the technology industry open and accessible to

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In the Spotlight 12: ​ Morena Fiore-Kirby

It’s Spotlight Friday! Number 12: This week we’re meeting Morena Fiore-Kirby!   Name: Morena Fiore-Kirby Job: Web Developer​ Favorite website, app or gadget: At the moment I am in love with my goPro which I attach on my dog’s back and record her adventures. I am really looking forward to our road trip

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