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Spotlight 83: meet Senior Lead Designer Jess!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and I hope that you’re reading for another wonderful story :-) It’s time to switch from backend development to UX/UI Design and Front End! Please meet Senior Lead Designer Jess as she shares her experience, her advice on learning to

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Spotlight number 78: software engineer Franziska

It’s been a while! I skipped a couple of weeks due to a lot of personal things and I finally got the time to publish spotlight number 78! This week we’re going to meet Franziska, engineer at Google. Franziska is working on Chrome V8 and she is a Node.js contributor.

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Spotlight 77: Meet Alexandra Leisse!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently working from Vermont and it’s really beautiful!  So…I’ll never do this, but I feel like sharing a picture :-) I love autmn!  Anyway, time for Spotlight number 77! This week we’re going to meet Alexandra. Alexandra is head of User Experience and Design and she

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Spotlight 75: meet superhero Laura!

It’s time for Spotlight 75! Number 100, here we come :-) This week I’m introducing you to Laura Sanders, and she is SUPER awesome. Laura runs two different companies together with her business partner. She co-organizes HybridConf, a wonderful conference that took place in Berlin last August (I should go

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Spotlight 55: Senior Interaction Designer Lydia!

I know it’s been over a month since the last Spotlight interview (my bad, I’m sorry!). But we’re back! And today I’m publishing an interview with a very inspiring and amazing woman in tech: Lydia Selimalhigazi. Thank you so much Lydia for your time, I *really* appreciated it. Curious about Lydia

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