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Welcome to Codepancake!

CodePancake is a platform for anyone interested in learning how to code: it doesn’t matter if you never coded before, if you’re a beginner or if you’re just curious.  Next to coding, it’s also an online magazine for and about women in tech, a place to find jobs and to share experiences.

I started programming in 2012 and dived into the world of online courses, tools and books.

I didn’t really know where to begin. So I started with JavaScript, then turned to HTML/CSS, then to Python and last but not least I  switched to Ruby on Rails shortly after that. I’m currently still coding in Ruby on Rails, I’ll stick to that for a while ;-) Since the beginning, I started writing blogs on how I started and the best resources for me.

I’ll share some tips on where to start and will give you many insights on coding, I will explain and review some tools and resources, give you a peek in my world of coaching and organising code events and most of all: I will share my experience in learning how to code. And I promise, I’ll keep it easy to follow!

One of the reasons I began codepancake is because I’m receiving a lot of questions from enthusiast an curious women & men on how they should start coding. When I frist started coding I ran into this major information overload on the internet. I want to help others first starting out.

That doesn’t mean that I know everything. I’m still learning! I know the struggles and the insecurity you’ll have, but I also know the feeling of excitement when you get something working! And the best part..that you actually did it yourself! You can do this and I’d like to show you that it’s possible.


About me
My name is Lieke, 29 years old and I’m currently enjoying life in Amsterdam.
I have a master degree in history and started programming when I was writing my master thesis. I haven’t stopped since then. Personally, I really wish that I knew at an earlier age about all the possibilities that programming/IT can give you. I really like to promote ‘Tech’ wherever I can. I’ve been a Dutch ambassador of Codeweek EU and an organiser of events focussing on getting more women into or interested in tech like PyLadies Amsterdam and Rails Girls Amsterdam. Besides that,  I worked at VHTO, the Dutch national expert organisation on girls/women and science/technology. At VHTO I was involved in some great projects which aim to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the growing ICT sector. I’m currently working as Community Manager for GitHub. Focusing on underrepresented communities in tech & working on sponsorships & partnerships in Europe and Africa.  In my free time, I’m trying to refresh my knowledge of Ruby (on Rails) and I just started a brand new course learning Italian :-)  To relax I like to read poetry, go running and watch Netflix with the bf! On this website I’ll share my experience in learning how to code and give your information and tips on everything related to programming.

My goal
I have to admit. When I first started programming, I didn’t have a specific goal in mind. I was finishing my master thesis in history and was curious about coding. But most important: I really wanted to learn and I wanted to make things. At that time, my then-boyfriend was a developer, and I thought it was nice to have a better understanding of what he was doing. Later on, when I learned about the joy of coding, I wanted to build small games. And I did.  After that, I fell in love with Ruby on Rails, I got the opportunity to work on some amazing projects and I’m currently working on building my own web application from scratch. 

Why I like coding
I once read a blog from Sam Stokes on what programming is like, I think he’s describing it perfectly:

“Programming is like building structures out of Lego, but I never run out of Lego bricks, and if there’s no brick with the exact shape that I need, I can make that brick. I can take the structures I build and use them as bricks to build bigger, more ambitious structures. I can build tools out of bricks to help me build quicker. If I build a model city, or a crane for building model cities, I can offer them to millions of people to download and play with, in any part of the world.”

Sam Stokes

My interests
I’m interested in music, writing, programming, history, cats, social media, traveling,  getting more people from underrepresented communities in tech, lowering the barriers into tech, coaching, organising events and well.. almost anything actually.

Contact me
I’m always interested in your coding stories. If you’re in doubt on how to get started or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can send me an email via lieke[at] or follow me on twitter @Lieke2208