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It really happened: Rails Girls Utrecht!

In October 2014, while coaching at Rails Girls Eindhoven, the idea for organizing a Rails Girls event in Utrecht was born! Karen, Hester, Martina and I got together and organized the hell out of RG Utrecht (and I must give Martina a lot of credits for this).  Thank you!

And… *drums* .. .last weekend it finally happened!

Friday evening (March 27) we started with an ‘Installing Party’. With pizza, beer,wine (powered by Firmhouse) everyone installed Rails on their laptops so we could kick off right away on Saturday morning.  This evening Jeroen van Baarsen (Firmhouse) already prepared the attendees for the next day with a presentation called: “In 30 minutes what you are going to do in a day”.  And yes, it’s exactly what you think: the whole ‘idea application’ build in 30 minutes (deploying included!).  It was quite hardcore! It was a nice evening with lots of time to meet each other and the coaches.

Saturday (March 28) we had  to wake up early! The second day started with a super nice breakfast (thanks to the wonderful people at Fourstack). When everybody was stuffed with croissants, fruit, bread and more, it’s was time to do some “icebreaking”! We played some nice networking games and got to know each other quite well (at least the birthdays!).

After that Joshua and Arco prepared an awesome introduction to Bentobox with the Bentobox exercise to get to know some of the terminology of web development, followed by a crash course in Ruby. It went quite smooth and we even gave away some nice Wooga mugs to our best participating attendees!

The crash course in Ruby was a great introduction to start coding. We divided the attendees into groups and gave them all our best coaches! The first hours were spent on, learning the basics and taking the first steps into Rails development!

At 13.00,  it was time for a delicious lunch (sponsored by Inspearit). During lunchtime, it was very nice to talk to the attendees and to hear so much excitement about their first steps into the world of coding.

In the afternoon, we saved some room for a couple amazing lightning talks!

All the slides will be online soon.

The second part of the day began with more coding and some supercute cupcakes (thanks to GitLab)! Everyone got to finish their app with the great help of our coaches. At 16.30 it was time to wrap things up. It was a really amazing day with a lot of motivated people and happy faces (we even spotted a few people dancing)!  The attendees went home with a nice goodie bag (designed by our own Hester) and lot’s of swag from our sponsors.

According to the comments we received during and after the event, participants truly enjoyed the Rails Girls experience. Our mission  was to give all the participants a great and fun (first) experience in web development and I’m convinced that we’ve completed our mission with flying colours!

With our awesome coaches and great sponsors we pulled off a very successful workshop. So, we want to spend these last few words to thank you. Rails Girls Utrecht couldn’t have happened without the financial support of our sponsors Inspire, Firmhouse, Inspearit, Fourstack, GitLab and Brightin, to which we’re more than grateful. Thanks to you we were able to offer the participants goodie bags, drinks, nice merchandise, proper ‘programmer food’ and some delicious mini cupcakes.

We want to thank Inspire for trusting us with their venue and all of their stuff. Thank you so much (and sorry for the mess! :-)).

And last but not least, a special thanks to our coaches: Anouk, Daan, Jeroen, Jairzinno, Joost, Lisa, Douwe, Melanie, Joshua, Miriam, Arco, Abbey, Quirijn, Wobbie, Stephanie and  Jaap for all their support, enthusiasm and motivation. You’ll find all our coaches and their twitter accounts on

Check out the pictures here.

To keep in touch with news about Rails Girls Utrecht, you can follow us on Twitter @railsgirls_UT or keep an eye on

You can also check out this short storify of RG Utrecht.

Thank you all for attending!

ps. More slides will be added soon!