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Goodbye 2014!

The year is almost coming to an end. Although CodePancake only started 2 months ago, 2014 has been great year for us! That’s why we like to share some statistics.

Top 5 most viewed posts
1. 10 books every programmer should read (12 October 2014)
There are many books available for programmers, ranging from topics such as programming languages, algorithms, design patterns, and many more. In this forest of books, it’s easy to get lost, so we created a small list of books which should be read by every programmer. Reading these books will help a great deal in becoming a better programmer! This is by far the most popular post on CodePancake. Please keep sharing your suggestions if you have any.

2. Learn to Program, Play a Game! (29 October 2014)
This post is about Codingame is the gaming platform for programmers. Solve programming puzzles, improve your skills, share, have fun. You can read our review here and start playing!

3. Code Monkeys Will Make You a Great Programmer (3 November 2014)
It looks like our game reviews are quite popular. In this post we share our thoughts on Code Monkey, an easy online game that teaches you the basics of programming. If you’re interested in learning how to code and don’t have any experience yet, you can definitely start here.

4. 5 Great Ruby on Rails Books (22 October 2014)
In this blog post we shared five great books on Ruby on Rails. If you’d like to get started with web development and especially with Rails, this is a great post to read. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to share them with us as well!

5. First Female Programmers (5 October 2013)
I wrote this blog some time ago, in 2013. The subject is getting more and more important these days and I think it’s very interesting to read about the first female programmers and other female developers. As you might know, I’m committed to increase the involvement of women and girls in IT. Hopefully this blog can inspire some women to start coding :)

Top 3 countries
1. United States (25%)
2. The Netherlands (20%)
3. United Kingdom (10%)

I’m Dutch, so I expected my readers to be Dutch as well. It’s nice to notice that my blog is going global!

Top 3 interests (according to Google Analytics)
1. Technophiles
2. Movie Lovers
3. TV lovers

I know, these statistics aren’t really that important. But it’s nice to share them. I think I should probably start writing some reviews about the Big Bang Theory or IT Crowd as well. Although I know that there’s a movie about Alan Turing and the Enigma Code,  the Imitation Game. It’s not in Dutch theaters yet (release date 8 January, 2015), but I’d like to see the movie and I’ll definitely think about writing a review ;-)

Top 3 websites

2015 intentions
1. One  issue to improve: female readers. According to my stats, only 20% of my readers are female. I definitely want to do better than that. A goal for next year!
2. Besides that, I’d like to write a blog every week. Hopefully I can make it work :)

Special thanks
And last but not least, I want to give a special thanks to Erik. You’ve always been there to support me and to motivate me.  I couldn’t have done it without you! So thanks :)

I’m looking forward to a new year with lots of new blog posts. There’s a lot more to review and a lot more to learn. If you want to stay updated, you can sign up  or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you all for your support! Have a great New Year’s Eve and keep on coding in 2015..the best is yet to come!