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Getting started: the best way to learn JavaScript

A couple months ago I received the following question from this website:

What is in your opinion the best way to learn JavaScript?

I think it might be a good idea to share my answer with you. I think it depends if you’re new to coding or if you’re an experienced developer.

Online courses
If you’re total new to coding and to JavaScript, I recommend to start with some online courses, just to figure out if coding is something for you. I started at Codecademy. The JavaScript course takes you among 10 hours and teaches you all the basics about Javascript and the fundamentals of programming. Disadvantage: you’re not using a IDE, text editor or anything like that. When you finished the Codecademy,  it’s time to dive in a little deeper and I’m really excited about the JavaScript course on Team Treehouse. In these courses, you’ll learn about different aspects of JS through videos and you’ll be programming yourself in the JavaScript console in your browser. After each video, you have to take a quiz or a coding challenge. Especially the coding challenges are quite fun to do and you really learn a lot by doing it yourself.
More info: Last year I wrote a blog post about online courses to learn JavaScript.

If you’re more experienced, it’s easier to switch to books, there are definitely some great books about JS. Once you’re more familiar with the basics, you’ll have a better understanding of the content of these books. If you’re looking for a list of JS books, you can find it here in my blog post: 5 Great JavaScript Books for Beginners.

Learn by doing
There are a lot of great resources that make it easy and fun to learn, but once you know the basics, the best way to learn is to build something. Break things, fix things and try again. It will teach you so much more. I know there will be people telling you, you should start with ‘building’ something right away. In my case, I felt more comfortable with ‘just’ building stuff in JS once I’d finished some courses. But this is different for everyone. :)

Curious about the opinions of others? You can read the article here. If you have other advice, feel free to comment below :)