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Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar: Teaches Preschoolers How to Code

At CES in Las Vegas, Fisher Price introduced a toy for toddlers and preschool children that teaches to code. According to Fisher Price, it’s essential that young children should be introduced to these problem solving skills at an early age. This toy should teach children the basic skills needed that will help them in the future when they’ll be learning how to program.


The toy includes a smartphone app that allows parents to get suggestions about what challenges they can give their children when playing with the toy. The Code-A-Pillar consists of a caterpillar with various parts, which each have their own symbols. The child must first components in a specific sequence put together, whereupon the caterpillar performs the movements that belong to that order.

The Code-A-Pillar should appear in the summer in the United States and costs around $50 . More info on the toy will be made available in February at Toy Fair in New York.