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Female Tech Authors You Should Know (Part 4)

Time for part 4 of my Female Tech Authors list! 

A while back I asked my followers on twitter if they knew some great female tech authors. Someone answered my question with “Are there any?”.  And that was exactly my point.  So, with some help, I made a list of female IT authors.  

Every time I’ll share five authors on my list (in alphabetical order). Enjoy reading!

Janet Gregory

Janet is an agile coach, consultant and public speaker. She provides courses and classes on how to incorporate testing activities into an agile development process and she likes to help agile teams learn about testing. In 2009, she published (together with Lisa Crispin) ‘Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams’ and they recently published a new book ‘More Agile Testing’.
More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team
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Janine Warner

Janine is a media & internet consultant, she specializes in digital media, online learning development and web design and helps companies and organizations create online learning programs (among others). She also speaks about online learning, digital journalism, technology and more. And besides that, she wrote a lot of books (over 25!), including a couple in the ‘for Dummies’ series.
Social Media Design for Dummies
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Jennifer Davis & Katherine Daniels

Jennifer Davis is a software engineer, speaker, writer and teacher. She works on te Community Engineering team at Chef. Katherine is a web operations engineer at Etsy. Last year, I published a wonderful interview with Katherine in the Spotlight series. Together they’re working on a book about Effective Devops: “This practical guide addresses technical, cultural, and managerial challenges of implementing and maintaining a DevOps culture by describing failures and successes”.  Releasedate: June 25th 2016
Effective DevOps: Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affinity and Tooling at Scale
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Jennifer Greene

According to her bio: Jennifer is an agile coach, development manager, business analyst, project manager, tester, speaker, and authority on software engineering practices and principles. She wrote books on PMP, C# in the Head First series and on Applied Software Project Management.  Together with Andrew Stellman, she’s working on her next book ‘Head First Agile’.
Learning Agile: Understanding Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban
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Julie Lerman

Julie is a Microsoft MVP, consultant, writer and speaker. You can find her presenting at conferences around te world ((including Techorama, where I’ll be speaking as well :)) on Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design or other technologies. Julie wrote a lot of books on Entity Framework, you can find them all here.
Programming Entity Framework: Code First
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Did I miss someone? Please let me know and I’ll add more authors to the list! As you may notice, this list covers a wide range of topics, so all the tech-related subjects are welcome. Thanks and we’ll keep this posts coming :)

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Oh..and have you noticed the wonderful picture above? It’s from #WOCinTech Chat and they published an amazing album with Women of Color in Tech Stock Photos.