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Female Tech Authors You Should Know (part 5)

Time for part 5 of my Female Tech Authors list, again I’ll share some amazing authors with you (in alphabetical order).

Curious why I started these posts? Have a look at Part 1

Enjoy reading :-)

Kathy Sierra

Kathy is the creator of the successful Head First programming book series. She wrote, among others, Head First Java. Kathy started as programmer and programming instructor and her background is in developing education games and software. She also founded the Java programmer’s online community JavaRanch. You may also know her from her wonderful blog ‘Serious Pony‘.
Latest book: Badass: Making Users Awesome

Kristin Runyan

Kristin is Agile coach and trainer & product management professional. She is the VP of Product Management and Operations at PayLease. Together with Sondra Ashmore, she wrote ‘Introduction to Agile Methods’, a thorough introduction to the Agile Framework and Methodologies that are used worldwide.
Latest book: Change, Inc.: An Agile Fable of Transformation
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Lea Verou

Lea is speaker, author, web designer, front-end developer and an Invited Expert in the W3C CSS Working Group (the committee that designs the CSS language). She wrote a book on advanced CSS and conducts research in Human-Computer Interaction at MIT. She also wrote a great & must-read post called ‘My positive experience as a women in tech‘.
CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems
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Linda Liukas

Linda is a programmer, book author, storyteller and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She is the founder of Rails GirlsDigitial Champion of Finland and she’s an amazing speaker! Linda inspired many girls to get into tech and she inspired me into following my dreams (thank you ;)). Want to know more about Linda and what her working day looks like? Last year, I published a wonderful interview with Linda. Her book ‘Hello Ruby’ is translated into many different languages.
Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding
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Linda Rising

Linda Rising is a consultant,speaker and calls herself a ’74-year-old world traveler’ :-). She has authored four books and a lot of articles on topics related to agile development, influence strategies, retrospectives and more. Her background includes university teaching and software development.
Latest Book: More Fearless Change: Staregies for Making Your Ideas Happen
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Did I miss someone? Please let me know and I’ll add more authors to the list! As you may notice, this list covers a wide range of topics, so all the tech-related subjects are welcome. Thanks and we’ll keep this posts coming :)

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