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Female Authors You Should Know (part I)

No Spotlight today due to me being ill for a couple of days, sorry! However, I’m going to highlight some women in tech anyway! :)

A while back I asked my followers on twitter if they knew some great female tech authors. Someone answered my question with “Are there any?”.  And that was exactly my point.  So together with one of my closest friends (thank you, you know who you are ;-)) I made a list of female IT authors.  This week I’d like to share the first five on my list (in alphabetical order).  

Aliza Sherman

Aliza started the first woman-owned internet company in the 90s, Cybergrrl. She is currently working on her 11th(!) book. She is a writer, new media entrepreneur and international speaker. Besides that, her primary focus includes addressing women’s technology & business issues and empowering women to expand their role in tech.  She was named by Fast Company as one of the ‘Most Powerful Women in Technology’. One of her latest books is “Social Media Engagement for Dummies.”
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Angelika Langer

Angelika is a consultant, coach, author and speaker. She’s instructor and developer of a number of C++ and Java courses. She is the author of Java Generics FAQs, a collection of answers to frequently asked questions about Java Generics and is (co)author of many books, like “Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales”. Besides that, she’s among others a Java Champion and a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.
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Audrey Roy

Audrey is not only an author & Python developer, she’s also an amazing artist and illustrator. Together with her husband Daniel Roy Greenfeld she wrote “Two Scoops of Django: best practises for Django.” Audrey was also a Python keynote speaker at PyCon Philippines 2012, PyCon Australia, Kiwi PyCon, DjangoCon US, PyCodeConf and more.
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Belinda Parmar

Belinda is CEO of Lady Geek,  author, professor and campaigner. She is the author of “Little Miss Geek: Bridging the Gap Between Girls and Technology” and “The Empathy Era: Women, Business and the New Pathway to Profit”.  And she states it as her personal mission “to end the stereotyping and patronising of women within the technology” and the “pink it & shrink it” approach of selling to women.
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Beth Kanter

Beth is a consultant, trainer, speaker and she is the author of one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits. And, like Aliza, Beth was named by Fast Company as one of the most influential women in technology. She’s currently writing her 3rd book “the Happy Healthy Nonprofit”.
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Did I miss someone? Please let me know! We’ll keep this posts coming :)

  • Excellent. There are many female technical writers today. Who ever asked “Are there any?”, i think he/she doesn’t know much. I have read two scoops of Django and that is one of the best book available for pyhton django developers. One of my favorite female technical writer is Juliea Lerman (Twitter @julielerman). I was searching for a good book on Entity Framework and it was her book “Programming Entity Framework Code First” which helped me. I will email you a list of some of my favorite female technical authors.

    • Thank you for your mentioning Julie Lerman, Siddharth! If you know more, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list :)