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Best Female Tech Authors (part 2)

Last week I published a blog about female (tech) authors, this week it’s time for part 2! A small reminder why  I started these series:

A while back I asked my followers on twitter if they knew some great female tech authors. Someone answered my question with “Are there any?”.  And that was exactly my point.  So together with one of my closest friends (thank you, you know who you are ;-)) I made a list of female IT authors.  

Every time I’ll share five authors on my list (in alphabetical order). I think this week’s list is amazing!

Carrie Anne Philbin

Carrie Anne is an award-winning secondary Computing & ICT Teacher. She’s currently working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to teach programming using Sonic Pi. She’s the author of ‘Adventures in Raspberry Pi’, a computing book for teenagers wanting to get started with Raspberry Pi and programming. You may also know her from her video series called ‘The Geek Gurl Diaries’, really worth watching!
Adventures in Raspberry Pi
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Diana Larsen

Diana is founder and senior consultant of FutureWorks Consulting LLC. She coaches teams on adopting Agile work systems among others and co-authored two books ‘Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects’  and ‘Retrospectives: Making good teams great’. Diana directed the “Supporting Agile Adoption” program and serves on the board of directors of the Agile Alliance. She also earned the HSDP certification as an associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.
Agile Retrospectives: Making good teams great
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Dianne Marsh

Dianne is Director of Engineering at Netflix and a Scala advocate. She started her professional career using C, C++, Java and C#. Dianne is a member of the Women Presidents Organization and has helped to organize CodeMash, an all-volunteer developer conference focused on bringing together programmers of various programming languages to learn from one another. She co-authored ‘Atomic Scala – learn programming in the language of the future’.
Atomic Scala: learn programming in the language of the future
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Elisabeth Robson

Elisabeth is a software developer, internet technology expert and co-author of ‘Head First HTML and CSS’, ‘Head First Design Patterns’, ‘Head First HTML5 Programming’ and ‘Head First JavaScript Programming’. She is co-founder and principal at WickedlySmart, an education content and technology company.
Head First JavaScript Programming
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Ellen Ullman

Ellen is a computer programmer and author. She has written novels as well as articles for various publications, like Harper’s Magazine and Wired Woman. Her essays and novels analyze the human side of the world of computer programming. One of her most popular books is ‘Close to the Machine: Technophilia and it’s discontents’ about the days before computers were common household items and the way the machine, ant the things programmed into it, wormed itself into our lives.
Close to the Machine: Technophilia and it’s discontents

Did I miss someone? Please let me know and I’ll add more authors to the list! As you may notice, this list covers a wide range of topics, so all the tech-related subjects are welcome. Thanks and we’ll keep this posts coming :)