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In the Spotlight 4: Robin Muilwijk

This week in Spotlight Friday we’re going into the Open Source field. I’m happy to introducte to you: Robin Muilwijk. He’s Advisor Internet and e-Government and serves among others as a community moderator for He’s advocate for open source in our businesses and lives. Name: Robin Muilwijk Job: Advisor Internet

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In the Spotlight 3: Trisha Gee

It’s Spotlight Friday! This week I had the honour to interview Trisha Gee. You might know her from conferences, from her work at LMAX or from her evangelist positions at either MongoDB or JetBrains and I’ve to admit, I’m quite jealous of her job! Name: Trisha Gee Job: Technical Evangelist (This means I write code, and

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In the Spotlight 2: Laura Gaetano

It’s Spotlight Friday! I’m very happy to publish the second interview in this series, this time with Laura Gaetano. Laura is a web developer. She is one of the organisers of PyLadies Vienna, Vienna.rb and is well-known in the Rails Girls Community. She is also part of  the awesome team behind

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In the Spotlight 1: Felienne Hermans

This week I’m introducing a new topic: in the Spotlight! Every Friday you can find a new interview with the most inspiring people in Tech. I’m very happy to begin these series of interviews with Felienne Hermans.  Felienne is an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), she regularly

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