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Learn to Program, Play a Game!

So you want to learn how to program, but you don’t know where to start? Or you already know how to program, and want to improve your skills a bit? Look no further, because offers all you want, and more! offers a platform on which you can improve

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5 Great Ruby on Rails Books

Currently, I’m reading a lot of Ruby on Rails books, blogs and articles. I’ve already created some applications and I really like Rails. Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is an open source web application framework written in Ruby. I think the best way to learn Rails, besides attending a workshop,

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6 Free Online Coding Resources To Get You Started

So, you are inspired and motivated to start coding. Where do you begin? I know that the internet offers a lot of online coding resources and tools to get you started and it can be overwhelming. To help you on your way, I’ll introduce 6 Free resources that can (and will!) help

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