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PHP Books for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced

Another blog post about books! What was missing in the collection of best programming books, was a list of books to get started with PHP. This time I’ll share some of the best PHP books for beginners, intermediate and advanced. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but

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Learn to Code: the Open Source way

  There are many ways to get started with programming. Some people choose an education at a University, some people take (online) programming courses, and others read many, many books. However, there are other ways. Let’s call this way the Open Source Way. What I call The Open Source Way of

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Building your website with Code Avengers

Did you always want to know more about HTML or CSS and are you wondering how to create some nice websites yourself? Look no further! Today I’ll review a tutorial which will turn you into a real webdeveloper. At Code Avengers you can follow three different courses: build a website with HTML/CSS, build an

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Bomberbot, the Review

Some time ago, we reviewed Lightbot, a platform to learn how understand the basics of programming. Today, we are reviewing another of those platforms, named Bomberbot. Bomberbot, like Lightbot, is another game in which you have to program your robot to walk through a maze, in which you get challenges

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Let Lightbot Help You Understand Programming

Today, I was on the road and didn’t have access to my computer. However, I was asked to explain some coffee concepts. Having only limited time, I searched the Play store instead, and found this cute application called Lightbot. Lightbot, available on Android and iOS (and even in Flash), is one

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Code Monkeys Will Make You a Great Programmer

Everyone has to start somewhere, and why not start with with the basics of programming by playing an easy online game! Currently, there are more and more games available to play online which will teach you how to program, and CodeMonkey is one of them. Created by the awesome people from

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