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Vedrana is building an app for Hashimoto’s

This week, I’m doing things a little differently. I decided to highlight a wonderful project from Vedrana. If you followed along, you already know her from Spotlight ep 62!  This week, she wrote a beautiful piece about Hashimoto’s and the app she’s building. Thank you Vedrana! Published Nov 25th. Written by:

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Learn to Code online: the Ultimate List

I realised that my first post on learning to code is almost 2 years old! Instead of updating the previous one, I decided to make a new list with even more resources. And, this one is up-to-date! So if you want to learn how to code, look no further! What

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5 resources to learn Drupal

A while ago, a friend told me that, although I have a lot of resources on CodePancake, I don’t have anything on Drupal. And that’s true. So it’s time to change that :) What is Drupal? Drupal is content management software. It’s used to make many of the websites and

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5 resources to learn Swift (iOS Development)

Another ‘list of 5’! Following up on my last post about learning Android Development, I’ll share five online courses where you can learn how to build your own iPhone app. In this post, I focus on Swift as a programming language for building apps. Enjoy reading! iOS development with Swift.

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5 resources to build your own Android app

It’s about time for another ‘list of 5’. The last couple of weeks, I’m receiving a lot of requests if I want to write more about Mobile App Development. Although this is a great idea, I’m not very familiar with building mobile apps, I only participated in one course :)

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Kickstarter: Kazoo Magazine is tackling gender stereotypes

Two weeks ago, a great Kickstarter campaign was launched: Kazoo magazine. “A new kind of print magazine for girls—one that inspires them to be smart, strong, fierce, and, above all, true to themselves.” Initiator Erin told Huffington Post that she got inspired when her daughter told her that ‘space is

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PHP Books for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced

Another blog post about books! What was missing in the collection of best programming books, was a list of books to get started with PHP. This time I’ll share some of the best PHP books for beginners, intermediate and advanced. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but

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Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar: Teaches Preschoolers How to Code

At CES in Las Vegas, Fisher Price introduced a toy for toddlers and preschool children that teaches to code. According to Fisher Price, it’s essential that young children should be introduced to these problem solving skills at an early age. This toy should teach children the basic skills needed that will

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The Poetry of Programming

Linda Liukas, one of our Spotlight Stars, believes that a movement in technology is already happening and that we need to engage everyone — especially the next generation — to take part. She wants to create a more diverse and colourful world of technology, starting with the poetry of code.

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The Best Programming Books for Every Programmer

As a follow up to the previous highly popular post about best programming books, this post adds to that list. The list below contains a list of best programming books for every programmer. That means there are no language specific books in the list, but books which describe patterns, practices

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