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Here you can find some great talks from myself or from others at different Tech events.
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PyLadies Amsterdam diving into Django

On Feb 11th a brand new PyLadies Amsterdam meetup took place at Marktplaats HQ. This time we decided to do things different, we organized our first workshop. This workshop in django is “sliced up” into 3 parts, this time we organized the django workshop part 1. Besma and Claudia prepared

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Coding needs to be celebrated (Talk @ GirlsinTechNL)

Slides from my talk at Girls in Tech NL (Oct 16) on Code Week EU, My coding experience and why I’m encouraging more women into tech.

Rails Girls Amsterdam Recap!

After attending Rails Girls Groningen as a participant last November and coaching at Rails Girls Leiden in February,  it was time to start organising myself! In Leiden I told Floor about my idea of organising a Rails Girls event in Amsterdam. Well, I didn’t have to tell her twice. Two

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Co-organizing PyLadies Amsterdam

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since my last post. Sorry. I’ve been quite busy with some awesome things. Last weekend I was a coach at  Rails Girls Leiden, a great experience for me. At first I was a bit nervous if I’d had enough knowledge to answer all the

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My Python Journey (Talk @ PyLadies Amsterdam)

These are the slides of my talk at PyLadies Amsterdam (Feb 12 2014) In this talk I’m sharing my experiences with learning how to code in Python and I’m giving you tips & tricks on how to start.

Hello Rails Girls Groningen!

This weekend (nov 8 & nov 9 2013) Rails Girls Groningen took place at Launch Cafe Groningen (a really nice workplace). Because I’ll be a coach at Rails Girls Leiden (and maybe Enschede? ;-)) I thought it would be fun and instructive to participate at Rails Girls Groningen, especially since

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My First Coaching Experience

As you can read here,  I started programming a couple of months ago. Thanks to that, I met some great and inspiring people. One of them is Besma, she is a Python developer (currently programming Ruby) and is also one of the co-organizers of PyLadies Amsterdam. Last Sunday,  Besma organized a

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