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Building your website with Code Avengers

Did you always want to know more about HTML or CSS and are you wondering how to create some nice websites yourself? Look no further! Today I’ll review a tutorial which will turn you into a real webdeveloper.

At Code Avengers you can follow three different courses: build a website with HTML/CSS, build an app (Javascript) or build a game (Javascript). For this topic I chose to follow the build a website course Level 1. You also have a Level 2 and a Level 3 in this course, but these are not for free.

Level 1 gives you twenty lessons, each lesson exists of 5 tasks you have to fulfill. I decided to only use the text as information, but you can also chose to watch some additional videos on the subject. This comes in handy when you’re total new to coding in the first place.

The tutorial starts with an introduction into HTML. From lesson 1 – 10 you’ll create your own Code Avengers profile as you learn the basics of HTML.
Later in the course, from lesson 10 – 20, you’ll build a business profile page and learn the fundamentals of CSS as well.
I was really excited about this course and followed lessons 1 – 5 in one day.

Pro’s :

  • It’s really nice that you see immediately what you’re doing and how this looks on the website or on your phone. Some real time coding.
  • You’ll learn about HTML5 and how you to start coding when building your first html page.
  • You can score points and earn badges!  When you complete your task correctly, you’ll receive 10 points.
  • There are 4 different ways to get help when you’ re stuck. You can get hints, view an example, (they both will cost you points) , you can play with examples in the reference (cost you nothing) and if you’re really stuck then you can contact Code Avengers and ask them a question (also no costs), but this takes time, since you have to wait for their answer.
  • When you sign up, you can save progress.
  • A nice feature of the tutorial is that you can play a bonus game after you complete five tasks. The games are nicely done.  You have to fight bugs or fix your computer. All the games are tech-related. They’re really fun to play.

The lessons I liked most was the lesson where you learn some of the most common bugs in your HTML code. This can really help you debug when you’re going to code something yourself.


  • I didn’t know that the first 5 lessons were the free trial. After that you have to pay for lesson 6 till 20. But I definitely think it’s worth it, so I’ll review the next 14 lessons as soon as possible and will let you know if it really is worth your money :)

To be continued….and in the meantime: enjoy coding!