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5 resources to learn JavaScript

After the succesful blog post about 5 Python books for beginners, I would like to share another ‘list of 5’.  I’m currently taking the ‘Rails Web development Track’ at Team Treehouse and I’m learning a lot of JavaScript.  It got me wondering where I could find more resources to learn JS Fundamentals.  Below you can find a list of 5  great JS sources, have fun learning!

  • JavaScript track on Codecademy. Codecademy will teach you the very basics of JavaScript. You shouldn’t expect to be able to build complex web applications after this course. But if you’re total new to coding, then this resource is suited for you. You can always expand your skills later. I also started on Codecademy!
  • JavaScript courses on Team Treehouse. I’m following some JavaScript courses as part of the Rails track and I’m very happy with them. In these courses, you’ll learn about different aspects of JS through videos and you’ll be programming yourself in the JavaScript console in your browser.  After each video, you have to take a quiz or a coding challenge. Especially the coding challenges are quite fun to do and you really learn a lot by doing it yourself. If you want to follow the JS courses at Treehouse, you have to pay. But, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth your money.
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts  This book may be small, but it covers a lot of material. A good thing about this book is that the writer, Douglas Crockford, not only lists the good parts but als the bad parts of the language.  It’s very well written and easy to follow. Another pro: common pitfalls are also part of this book. So after your done with reading  this book, you’ll know all the do’s and don’ts about programming in JavaScipt. Side note: Crockford also made a lot of videos about JavaScript.
  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide Well, this definitely isn’t a small book like the previous one: it has +/- 1000 pages! I think this book is especially  a great resource if you already know something about JavaScript. It’s more written for people familiar with programming who want to gain an in-depth understanding of JS. If you already know what you’d like to build or what you like to do with JS, than this book will lead you the way.
  • JavaScript For Cats. Well, I love cats and programming, so this is a perfect site for me. This is a small guide (for cats!) to teach you the very basics of JavaScript like arrays, strings, objects and loops. It’s also a really good resource if you’re new to the whole concept of programming. It’s a fun guide and very nice to read and, most important, according to the writer: ‘it’s so easy your human companion could do it too!’

Are you learning JavaScript right now? What are your experiences and do you use other resources? Let me know :-)

Enjoy coding!

* Picture by Found Animals Foundation