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5 Python books for beginners

Another blog post about books! This time I’ll share five of the best Python books for beginners. Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language and it’s relatively easy to learn.  So, where to start when you want to learn Python? Enjoy these five books that will guide you through everything you need to know:

  • Learn Python the hard way. Learn Code the Hard Way is offered as free PDFs. You can learn Python, Ruby, C, SQL or Regex ‘the hard way’. These books are written by Zed Shaw and will give you more insight in how to get started. Learn Python the Hard Way is written for beginners how know nothing about programming and it will teach you the basics of programming. You will learn how to use the terminal and the text editor. And most important: Read the examples. Type the code precisely (no copying and pasting!). Fix your mistakes. Watch the program run and learn from it. This book is really about learning by doing.
  • Learning Python, 5th Edition This book offers you a comprehensive learning tool for Python. It covers almost everything you need to know about programming in Python: Types & Operations, Statemens and Syntax, Functions and Generators, Modules and Packages and much more. I really like the first chapter, it’s a Q&A session about Python and why people use Python. If you’re a beginner, this can help you a lot. A nice feature of this book is that every chapter ends with a quiz, so you need to challenge yourself all the time.
  • Think Python. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist This is a great book if you’re new to programming or coming from another language. Each chapter ends with debugging tips, a glossary and some exercises to keep you going. This really is an hands-on guide that will teach you Python one step at the time.
  • Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional.
    This book gives you a great overview and covers the Python fundamentals in-depth. A really like that the first part of the book guides you through a series of tasks including working with files, databases, web programming and testing. The last ten chapters consist of ten programming projects: ‘one must program in order to learn to program’. The projects include: automated text markup, remote text editor, file sharing with XML-RPC, a ‘do-it-yourself’ arcade game and much more.
  • Python Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O’Reilly))
    If you’re travelling a lot, this book is right for you! A convenient pocket guide worth keeping close at hand. This reference covers both Python 3.4 and 2.7. It’s accurate, easy to understand and very well-written. If you’re on your way and aren’t able to go trough Python’s documentation online, this pocket-book comes in quite handy.

Of course there are many more Python books, so if you have suggestions about which books are really worth mentioning, please let me know!

  • The only Python book on my shelf is “Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming”

  • Nice list. Check out Real Python ( as well.

  • Nice books suggestion for python beginners. I have read Beginning Python by wrox and it’s good book for beginners. You should include it in your list. Also Head First series book on python (Head First Programming & Head First Python) is also very good read for beginners.

  • Abu Bakar Khan

    so which is the best one to choose from all of these??

  • Erik Pragt

    I also like the book Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition ( which is a great and affordable book for novice programmers.

  • Have a look at it list 52 free python books.

  • Oscar J

    I really like this website. I hope more girls get involved in programming. I’ll do my best to help with that. This is a great list for beginners. If you want to add something to you book-collection i would recommend looking at:
    Thx for great content! :)

  • Chukwunonso Ezeiru

    Automate the boring stuff with python by Al Sweigart.

    You missed that. Very great read for beginners. Very handy too.

    • You’re absolutely right! That’s a great book as well! Thank you for sharing it over here :)

  • Kazem Jahanbakhsh

    We have scraped data signals for more than 50 Python Programming books. These signals include but not limited to: online reviews, online rating, year of publication, content, author influence, social media mentions and so on.

    We fed all above signals to a Machine Learning algorithm to process and rank the top Python books. See below for the list of top 22 Python books:

  • Martin Dimitrov

    You should add “Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes to that list.

  • vijo mathew

    I have gone through the book ” Introduction to computing and problem solving using Python” authored by “Jeeva Jose” and published by “Khanna publishers”.

    This is a very good book for beginor. The presentation is simple & systamatic. There are many solved programs available in the book.